Ladies Abroad is a Swedish online travel magazine run by Lena and Maxime Löfblad; mother and grown-up daughter. Ladies Abroad was founded in 2012, and have been awarded several times.

Ladies Abroad focuses on city trips, sun and beach holidays and round trips / road trip; to known and lesser-known destinations. The writers are passionate about sights and sightseeing, and blog posts include genuine urban architecture and environments, as well as landscape and sceneries. The blog contains both classic sights of which the destination is known for, as well as more unique neighborhoods and environments that show a different, and perhaps more unknown, side of the destination. In addition, blog post with accommodation and dining-/bar tips as well as SPA reviews appear.

Photos are a big and important part of the Ladies Abroad and each blog post contains a large number of selected images.

Ladies Abroad wishes to convey that by planning a little extra, and do good research before the departure, you get more out of the trip. For example, the blog contains specific tips on how to carry out cheaper trips to expensive destinations such as the Seychelles.

The target group is 25 to 50 year olds who are interested in cultural and natural experiences, both in urban and rural environments or close to the seaside. For Ladies Abroad´s readers it is important finding flights and accommodation worth the money, but they are also willing to pay a little extra for a spectacular experience.

In 2022 Lena and Maxime together conducted 12 trips to nine different countries, of which three brand new countries. By the current situation, the owners have visited 85 countries.

Ladies Abroad has approximately 30,000 readers per month, of which 60% are from Sweden and 30% are from Norway. On Instagram, the numbers are about international 6,500 followers.

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